What is it?

Orenco Systems' patented* AdvanTex Treatment System is a recirculating filter that's configured like a recirculating sand filter - a packed bed technology that Orenco engineers have helped perfect for the past 20 years. Like recirculating sand filters, AdvanTex is reliable and low-maintenance. It's superior to other packed bed filters, however, in its serviceability and longevity.

It's also superior in its treatment media. AdvanTex uses a highly efficient, lightweight textile that has large surface area, lots of void space, and a high degree of water holding capacity. Consequently, AdvanTex Treatment Systems can treat high volume residential, commercial, and multifamily wastewater flows in a very compact space.

Orenco's textile-based, multi-pass treatment technology has undergone third-party testing and evaluation to ANSI standards. The Municipality of Anchorage required extensive testing as well. Nationwide, hundreds of commercial-sized units and over 30,000 residential-sized AdvanTex filters have been installed over the past several years, including over 350 installations in Alaska.

Why AdvanTex over other systems?

Ever since men started processing their sewage, rather than just getting rid of it, one of the oldest, most reliable, stable, inexpensive, and simplest means has been the use of the common septic tank for primary treatment. A septic tank provides the primary treatment for AdvanTex systems while the filter provides the "polish" before discharge.

A septic tank is essentially a wide spot on the sewer line that provides a quiet atmosphere for sewage to naturally settle and clarify. Organisms that are normally present in sewage continue to break it down, turning it to gas and clarified liquid before it moves forward for its final treatment and disposal. This all happens naturally without any moving parts.

Alternative septic systems, competitors to the AdvanTex Treatment System, attempt to force this breakdown using a process called extended aeration. It uses fans and blowers to violently stir up and mix air with the primary sewage, keeping the solid matter in suspension for treatment. This mixture then moves forward to a clarifier where solids may or may not settle out before moving on to the drainfield. This all happens with several moving parts. If any of these parts fail, very little or no treatment is accomplished.

Typical septic systems discharge their effluent into a drainfield where naturally occurring organisms continue to treat it and return clean water to the ground. In many parts of Alaska, we generally do not have the luxury of ground disposal. So, we have created a synthetic drainfield that provides the environment for this naturally occurring process. Using electrical means, we are able to control this final treatment and confine it to a very small area. The only moving parts are simple, extremely reliable water pumps that move the liquid we are processing around, and send clean, disinfected water to the disposal site. Think of AdvanTex as a drainfield in a box.


The AdvanTex Treatment System comes as a totally pre-manufactured package, including a specially designed septic tank, Orenco Biotube pump package, AdvanTex Filter(s) and a control panel.

Systems are designed to meet your site-specific conditions and are available for Residential and Commercial applications.

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