Monitoring with Telemetry Works Quietly, Invisibly.

With Orenco System's VeriComm, "virtual O&M" is practically invisible to the property owner or resident. Here's how it works:

A telemetry-based VeriComm Control Panel is installed on a site with the AdvanTex Treatment System. The panel calls the VeriComm Monitoring System, toll-free to communicate operating data in the middle of the night, usually once a month. No dedicated phone line is required, just an extension of an existing line. Digital connection via your home internet service may also be an option.

If there is an Alert or Alarm condition, the panel calls in immediately, 24/7. An e-mail message is sent to Anchorage Tank, repeatedly until the condition has been cleared.

All operating data, alarm histories, site notes, and system reports are safely stored in the Monitoring System's database, on a password-protected web site.

VeriComm saves Time and Money in O & M.

VeriComm Control Panels, coupled with the online Monitoring System, save money on system operation & maintenance by...

  • notifying Anchorage Tank of alerts or alarms automatically
  • diagnosing problems and making recommendations for action
  • allowing Anchorage Tank to change many system settings remotely
  • making self-adjustments via "artificial intelligence", based on trend data
  • resolving problems before they become serious

VeriComm diagnoses the following:

  • high and low level liquids
  • stuck float switches
  • pump failure
  • clogged filter
  • leaking tank
  • chattering contactor
  • excessive pump cycles/run time (a symptom of excess water use)