AX-Max is a modular, fully plumbed wastewater treatment plant capable of handling flows from 5000 gpd to 1MGAD - an ideal size for multi-family, commercial, and residential development. While AX-Max is designed to be modular for permanent installations, the sister version AX-Mobile, can be used for remote, temporary, or mobile applications in all climates.

Tha AX-Max is built inside an insulated fiberglass tank that is durable, lightweight, and watertight. The system may be installed aboveground or below ground, singly or in multi-tank arrays In Alaska,s harsh climate, the AX-Nax can be purchased with an optional control room or the entire tank array may be enclosed in a building.

Dependability is also important in extreme environments. So Orenco's AX-Max AdvanTex Treatment system has been designed to be durable and easy to maintain. For example, it uses a new recirculation method with fewer components. That's important when you're hundreds of miles from the nearest plumbing supplier.