This example 4,000 gallons per day system is designed to handle the wastewater from 20-23 homes in a lake-front subdivision. A downhill lot was used for the treatment system. Each home has its own steel septic tank where the effluent gravity flows into a liftstation tank down the street. The liftstation sends the septic tank effluent up to a 12,000 gallon steel recirculation tank. Two AdvanTex AX100 filters treat the effluent before it is discharged to the pressurized drainfield.


Each home has its own septic tank that may either pump or gravity flow the effluent down the street to the treatment system. In this Example subdivision, each home can gravity flow. The homeowners have more lawn free for their own use since there are no drainfield pipes to work around.


The AdvanTex Treatment System is located down the street. Effluent from each home's septic tank flows downhill to a liftstation tank. From there the effluent is pumped into a 12,000 gallon recirculation tank. Two more pumps send the effluent into AX100 filter pods at regular intervals. When this tank reaches capacity, the filtered effluent is redirected to a 2,000 gallon discharge tank. At regular intervals throughout the day, the filtered effluent is pumped out to the drainfield for final disposal under the RV storage parking lot.

The developer would set up a homeowners association that owns the water well and wastewater treatment system as a private utility. The association dues pay for the system monitoring and maintenance.