Model ATW/FG Specification

Provide and install ______Anchorage Tank  Model ______ Fireguard ® fire-rated aboveground storage tank(s). Tank(s) shall be ______in diameter, ______long, and have a capacity of ______ gallons.

Scope of Work

The contractor shall provide all materials, equipment, and labor to construct a horizontal, cylindrical, skid mounted fuel (Class II) UL listed storage tank complete with pumping, filtration, metering, and safety systems. The tank shall be constructed such that 100% integrated secondary containment of the tank primary volume is achieved. Optional fuel pumping and filtration equipment shall be mounted on the tank to provide a complete storage/pumping system.

Governing Standards

Fabrication of the fuel tank and supply of all ancillary equipment under this specification shall be governed by all or part (but not limited to) of the latest revisions of the following standards and specifications:

  • Underwriters Laboratories UL-2085.
  • National Fire Protection Assoc.30.
  • 40 CFR (applicable sections).
  • 49 CFR (applicable sections).
  • 33 CFR (where applicable).
  • API 650 (where applicable).
  • API 12F (where applicable).
  • API 620 (where applicable).
  • API 2000 (where applicable).
  • ASTM A36 Steel Specification.

All specifications referenced as any applicable part of the above specifications.

Equipment Specifications & Requirements

Material for all steel construction shall conform to ASTM-36.

All pipe and fittings shall conform to Schedule 40; seamless iron pipe.

All pipe connections shall be screwed or welded except for final connection to the tank, which shall be an approved welded fitting.

Normal air vents shall be screened downward venting tee design, Clay & Bailey CB300-200, or approved equal.

Emergency vents shall be sized in accordance with NFPA 30, Morrison #244, or approved equal.

The tank shall be protected from overfilling with a positive closing automatic shutoff set to 90% of tank capacity. Clay & Bailey, 2" model F-30, with dry-break coupling (for installation in a 4" MPT.) Filling connections shall be in a spill containment vessel designed specifically for above ground stationary storage tanks. The vessel shall employ a full diameter hinged and gasketed lid with a strong back and lockable

latch. The bottom shall have both a 4" nipple to accommodate the specified overfill valve, and a 1" threaded opening for a drainback valve. The overfill vessel shall be either manway mounted (required on tanks of 5,000 gallons capacity or greater), or shall employ a 4" female threaded opening. Use of underground tank type vessels will not be permitted. Anchorage Tank  Model AGOFMH20, AGOF4COUP, or approved equal.

The fuel level gauge shall be float type, direct reading, inch tank level gauge, Morrison #818, or approved equal. The direct reading gauge shall be located in a convenient location for personnel filling the tank. The gauge shall be completely assembled and fitted to the tank and then shall be disassembled for shipping (if required).

The pumping and metering equipment shall be completely assembled and tested.

The fuel transfer pump shall be a submersible turbine type pump, electrically powered and capable of pumping 30 gallons per minute (GPM) at 20 feet total dynamic head (TDH), of No.1 fuel oil at 30 degrees F. All electrical components shall be required with head-discharge curve and demonstrated performance at low

Fuel metering shall be provided and installed to measure fuel quantity delivered from the fuel pump in flow rates up to 40 GPM. The meter shall have two registers, calibrated in gallons, with one resettable register and one total register. Fill-Rite series 900, or approved equal.

Fuel filtering shall consist of a fuel strainer and canister type filter on the outlet side of the fuel transfer pump. The fuel strainer shall be Morrison bottom clean out type with 40 mesh screen or approved equal and the filter shall be Central Illinois Centurion I with 30 micron filter. Four (4) replacement elements to be shipped with each tank assembly.

The storage/pumping system shall be completely plumbed, pre-wired as an explosion-proof package, and delivered as a complete ready-to-use storage/delivery system which will require only an electrical supply to be fully operational.


The fuel storage tank, including its skid support system, shall be UL® listed.

The secondary containment shall be liquid tight.

Lifting eyes with minimum 1" eyes shall be attached to the tank top at the ends. Each single lifting eye shall be capable of supporting the empty weight without permanent distortion.

The tank skids shall be constructed according to UL® standards. The skids shall be so constructed as to allow lifting of the empty tank end or skidding of the tank without distortion.

Brackets shall be provided for the attachment of ladders and plumbing. Brackets shall be constructed so that plumbing and appurtenances may be removed for shipping.

All vents, meters, or any externally mounted devices or fittings shall be removable for shipping, if required.

All connections for externally mounted devices or fittings shall be plugged or tapped with steel or cast iron fittings, if required for shipping.

The pumping/filtration/metering equipment shall be conveniently located. All piping shall be installed such that easy removal for future replacement may be accomplished with simple hand tools. Placement of unions shall be such that no more than two fittings are required for removal of any pipe section or device.

All separately shipped items shall be crated inside wooden or plywood boxes, and be clearly marked as to contents, if shipping is required.

Protective Coatings

All surfaces, with the exception of the inside of the tank and secondary containment, shall receive protective coatings.

All welds shall be chipped free of flux coating.

All seams shall be seal welded.

All surfaces shall be wire brushed and cleaned to remove rust, mill scale, weld slag, and surface contamination.

All weld spatter will be removed by grinding. Additional metal surface preparation shall be sand blasted in accordance with the paint manufacturer's recommendations. Immediately after cleaning, the exterior surface of the tank shall be primed and coated with a suitable marine grade epoxy coating.

A two coat system shall be applied according to the manufacturers's recommendations. The first coat shall be a minimum 2 mil dry film thickness primer coat. A second coat shall be applied to a given total of 6 mils minimum dry film thickness.

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