Oil Water Separators

Increasing public interest in the conservation of Alaska's water resources has directly affected all industries. Public pressure on the government to control harmful oil discharges and spills from industrial and commercial facilities has resulted in increasingly more stringent regulations governing the discharge of oily wastewater, and in high penalties for noncompliance.

Oil bearing wastewater discharges occur in many types of facilities, in many locations, and for many reasons. Relatively small chronic oil discharges often result from routine operations such as engine steam cleaning, vehicle wash down, and storm water runoff. Large, catastrophic spills usually result from human error or equipment failure in loading and dispensing operations.

The solution for removal of these pollutants can be an enhanced gravity Oil Water Separator from Anchorage Tank. Although our separators are not designed to remove chemicals, dissolved hydrocarbons which are in solution, or dissolved organic compounds. They will remove non-soluble oils and grease of less than .95 specific gravity from oily water mixtures.

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